A look into my world from yours…

I’m an artist/writer who refuses/hates getting older and despises the fact that the year 1983 keeps getting farther and farther away as my birth year.

I live with my fiance and our pack of animals.  Cats and dogs abound!  One of our dogs is obsessed with television, throwing away trash, and taking off our socks while the other two just kinda lay there.

I enjoy crocheting and even have a website to try and sell my creations.  I enjoy most things crafty…

Recently diagnosed as bipolar many of my blogs reflect on that and therapy.  I’m trying to learn to deal with that and other demons from my childhood.

From what I know most artists have skeletons in their closet.  That’s what keeps them ticking though, right?

I love reading.  I suppose that’s what begat my obsession with writing.  In order to write, you have to love to read.



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